Southwest Air Products

Southwest Air Products was founded in the 1980's providing support to automotive air conditioning services – especially to the custom, antique, and classic car after-market industry. It has since expanded beyond that core business producing a variety of industrial products to meet customer-specific requirements.

Capabilities: | Contour cutting | Skiving | Laminating | Convoluting | Automated CAD saw | Automated indexing table saws |

Die Cut Parts includes gaskets, insulation, and other industrial parts. We fabricate many kinds of foam as well as rubber, silicone, neoprene and other materials.

Die Cut Parts

Adhesive-backed Foam Tape is produced to width and length from a multitude of materials. Adhesive-backed foam tapes are used as insulation, weather-stripping, component cushions,  etc.

Adhesive-backed Foam Tape

Laminating: different materials can be laminated to produce a unique product exhibiting different characteristics on each side or throughout the product depending on best material for the application.

Contact us in Garland, Texas, to order our foam and adhesive requirements.