Southwest Air Products

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• Tapes
• Flexible Hose
• Vacuum Harness
• Filters
• Custom Industrial Items

Packing Foam Manufacturing

• Chair and Marine Seating
• Orthopedic and Medical Foam Products
• Church Seating
• Furniture Foam
• Foam Bedding
• Gymnastics Foam Products

About Us

For more than 30 years, Southwest Air Products has been serving its customers in the foam industry. Southwest Air Products began as a custom fabricator to the automotive air conditioner market. Over the years Southwest Air Products has expanded to fabricate a wide range of markets with custom industrial items. More than 15 years ago, Southwest Air Products acquired Southwest Foam Fabricators and expanded into the PU cushioning market. Most recently Southwest Air Products has expanded in the packaging industry with the absorption of new personnel and equipment to add to its growing presence in this field. Each of Southwest Air Products 3 divisions are led by salespersons who each bring over a decade of experience in their unique fields. The Southwest Air Products team looks forward to bringing our collective knowledge to help you with your foam needs. We're a foam company you can trust.

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